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Buy a Liquor Licence in Northern Ireland

Buying an Intoxicating Liquor Licence in Northern Ireland is an involved process governed by the Licensing (Northern Ireland) Order 1996.

The last Liquor Licence to be created in Northern Ireland dates back to 1902. Today, there are an estimated 1,800 Intoxicating Liquor Licences in circulation throughout the Provence operating in bars and off-sales, with a finite number for sale at any given time.

To establish a new bar or off-sales in Northern Ireland you must have Title to premises, relevant Planning Permission, identify & negotiate the purchase of a "valid & subsisting" Liquor Licence and successfully transfer it through Court to your proposed premises.

Most importantly, you will also be required to demonstrate that there is inadequacy of provision selling alcohol within the proposed trading area referred to as "Need". 


Liquor Licences can be transferred across all six counties, subject to Court approval. 

Liquor Licences NI have over 28 years experience in advising clients on the procedures, guiding them through every aspect of the complex licensing system and have detailed knowledge of the buying process, working with you from inception to completion, focused on securing a successful outcome.

If you are interested in buying a Liquor Licence or are a licensed trade business contemplating establishing in Northern Ireland, please get in touch to find out how we can assist.