Selling a Liquor Licence in Northern Ireland

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Sell a Liquor Licence in Northern Ireland

We are expert negotiators backed up by years of experience, skilled in securing the best possible price for your Liquor Licence.


In order to sell your Liquor Licence it must be "valid & subsisting" as defined in the Licensing (Northern Ireland) Order 1996.

This typically means your Licensed Premises have been consistently open & trading, the alcohol licence is properly renewed & up-to-date, the Court approved Licensing plans match the current Licensed Premises and that Court consent has been approved for all alterations to the Licensed Premises.  

Failure to do so could invalidate the Liquor Licence and make it unsellable until such defects are rectified.

Subject to entering into a contract with a purchaser, owners of a Liquor Licence will be expected to continue trading the business as normal until the Licence has been successfully transferred through Court to the purchaser.


As well as offering a competitive fee structure, we will negotiate the sale of your Liquor Licence on your behalf securing the best commercial terms and selling price based on our in-depth experience in licensing.

Liquor Licences NI screen purchasers proposed licensing applications to identify potential issues or Objections up front, which helps sellers of Licences avoid common pitfalls associated with Liquor Licence transfers, which can add to delays and increased costs.


We track and maintain a database of all Liquor Licence sales and potential purchasers throughout Northern Ireland which allows us to monitor prices and market demand, ensuring you never under-sell.


Do you have a Liquor Licence to sell? Why not call us on +44 (0) 79202 84226 or contact us. Our initial advice is free and provided without obligation, on a strictly confidential basis. 

Sell a Liquor Licence Northern Ireland

Did You Know...?


There are approx.1,800 Liquor Licences in circulation throughout Northern Ireland which can vary in value depending on their location.