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Liquor Licence Surveys

Liquor Licence Surveys Northern Ireland

Liquor Licences NI have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in the provision of surveys for the legal profession across Northern Ireland.


Bringing together a range of supporting services for lawyers and barristers specific to clients individual needs as directed including supporting new Liquor Licence applications, rebutting Objections, Appeals and negotiating with Third Party Objectors.

Likewise, we also assist Third Parties with building their Objections against competitors Liquor Licence transfers.


Licence Application Signage Monitoring

Third Party Objector Negotiations

Independent Observations

Licensing Compliance

Stakeholder Engagement

Supporting/defending Third Party Objections

Competitor Price Comparison Surveys

Footfall Counts & Customer Profiling

Written Reports

For further information about how we can assist please get in touch.

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