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Website Terms & Conditions

This website is owned and controlled by Liquor Licences NI. If you use this website, you agree to the terms and conditions set out below. 


While Liquor Licences NI makes every effort to ensure that everything on the website is accurate and complete, we provide it for information only, so it is indicative rather than definitive. We thus make no explicit or implicit guarantee of its accuracy and as far as applicable laws allow, we neither accept responsibility for errors, inaccuracies or omissions, nor for loss that may result directly or indirectly from reliance on its content. Users of the website should not take or omit to take any action that relies on information on the website. Liquor Licences NI may correct or update the website without prior notice.

In making the website available, Liquor Licences NI does not imply or establish any client, advisory, financial or professional relationship. Through the website, neither Liquor Licences NI nor any other person is providing advisory, consulting or other professional services.


Liquor Licences NI neither guarantees that the website will be uninterrupted or without delay nor that it will be error-free or virus-free. The website is provided 'as is' without warranties of any kind.

Liquor Licences NI will not be responsible and will not accept any liability whatsoever for any viruses which may infect your computer by reason of your use of or downloading of applications (including .exe applications) from this website.

Important Information relating to liquor licences displayed on the website:

Liquor Licence Particulars:

Any Liquor Licence particulars / details are not an offer, option or contract, nor part of one. You should not rely on statements by Liquor Licences NI in the particulars or by word of mouth or in writing ("information") as being factually accurate about the Liquor Licence, its validity, suitability for transfer for your purposes, if it is subsisting, condition or its value. Neither Liquor Licences NI nor any joint agent (s) has any authority to make any representations about a Liquor Licence and accordingly, any information given is entirely without responsibility on the part of the agent (s) or seller(s).

Liquor Licences NI shall not be liable in respect of the contents of this website or any Liquor Licence (s) to any other party in contract, tort, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise for any loss, damage, costs or expenses of any nature whatsoever incurred by that other party of a direct or indirect nature including without limitation any economic loss or other loss of turnover, profits, business or goodwill.

We accept no responsibility whatsoever to any party, nor provide any assurances or warranties as to the validity of any Liquor Licence; its validity is never guaranteed. We strongly recommended that parties intending to purchase a Liquor Licence seek suitably qualified, independent, professional advice before entering into any contract or option agreement with a Seller(s). Please note that the successful transfer of a Liquor Licence through court is never guaranteed and each contracting party is responsible for all their own legal and associated professional costs. 

  • VAT: The VAT position relating to the Liquor Licence may change without notice.​​

  • The Price of Liquor Licences quoted on this web site, conveyed by email or discussed verbally is net of VAT, which may be applicable.

  • Information on the website about a Liquor Licence is liable to be changed at any time, without notice.

Copy Right Notice:

This website is owned and controlled by Liquor Licences NI . Unless otherwise noted, all information featured on the Liquor Licences NI website, (whether text or images), is protected by copyrights and trademarks, and is owned or licensed by Liquor Licences NI. You may not download, display or print any part of the content except to your own computer for your personal use and not for business purposes. You must not change frame or inline (mirror) any of the content of our website


Links on this website may lead to servers maintained by individuals or organisations other than Liquor Licences NI. Liquor Licences NI makes no representation or warranty regarding the accuracy, timeliness, suitability or any other aspect of the information located on such servers and neither monitors nor endorses such servers or content. If you link to our website,we may require you at any time at our absolute discretion to remove the Link. Liquor Licences NI will not be responsible for your privacy when visiting third-party web sites.

Data Protection:

Before you continue using our website, we recommend that you read the following information.


Liquor Licences NI respects the privacy of its website visitors and does not share or sell any personal information with third parties. Any information you do provide will be treated in strict confidence and used only for the purpose for which you provided it. 

If you choose to register on the website or to send us personal details in relation to a liquor licence or information offered, you have the right to request a copy of the information you entered and any other information we hold on you at any time, and to have that information corrected if it is inaccurate.

Contact Details:

Please note that you are not required to provide any personal information to use this website. However, if you provide your contact details (name, address, telephone and fax number and e-mail address) these details will be used to provide any services which you have requested.

By entering your contact details, you agree that we may also use them for the following purposes:

  • To incorporate into the Liquor Licences NI database.

  • To provide aggregate statistical information which may include personal information.

  • To provide you with information about our services.

  • Your contact details may be changed in the following way: You may at any time request us to remove your details from our computer data base or instruct us not to use the personal information which you have provided to us for any of the above purposes by notifying us by e-mail.

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